It took a few years after the bursting of the Internet bubble in 2000 for eCommerce to right itself as a concept. Slowly but surely though, workable models for online success began to emerge and today online sales in the UK amount to more than £100 billion annually.

As a result, few businesses today can afford to ignore the possibilities presented by the online marketplace yet many are still wary about acquiring an online store for their product or service. At Tweak IT media we make it our goal to demystify the process for you and set your company on the path toward online success.

While our team may make it look easy the fact is building an online retail store is not as simple as creating a brilliant GUI and attaching a shopping cart to the back end. An effective eCommerce website from Tweak IT media will:

Be SEO friendly

Be SEO friendly and have a robust SEO campaign behind it to ensure it doesn’t get lost in the blizzard of search results.

Encompass best practices

Encompass best practices when it comes to page layout, browser compatibility, navigation, use of bandwidth heavy content, font selection, accessibility and more.

Content Management System

Incorporate an effective content management system (CMS) such as Drupal or Wordpress. Particularly important if your product or service offerings change regularly.


Utilize 128-bit SSL certificates to ensure security of all transactions along with a proven payment gateway such as PayPal or Paymill.

shopping cart system

Also key to the creation of a successful retail website is the choice of shopping cart system. Several well established shopping cart programs exist such as Opencart and Magento that can be customized by our designers to integrate seamlessly with the look and feel of your site.


Another crucial aspect of a successful eCommerce website is intelligent deployment of content. Our design experts know how to achieve exactly the right balance between products and white space to facilitate sales and promote the all-important positive experience for visitors. In this regard and every other, the website we create for you will reflect our years of experience.

While all of the above points are key to the creation of an effective electronic-commerce site the importance of creating and implementing an effective SEO campaign cannot be overstated. No one can purchase from your website if no one knows about it. Ask us about creating a global or local SEO campaign for your new or existing site.

Responsiveness and Mobility: eCommerce Musts

Making your products and services accessible to the full complement of online consumers is a must if you wish to enjoy the greatest possible rewards from your website. This means any site built today should be fully responsive in its design and fully accessible to mobile users. Creating a site that will only load properly on desktops and laptops is like building a wall between your business and the majority of today’s online shoppers.

Don’t Wait Any Longer to Join the 21st Century

Our eCommerce sites are some of the cleanest, fastest loading, most accessible sites on the Internet today. Each one is individually designed with the particular client in mind and each utilizes today’s most effective supporting technologies to attract visitors and convert them to paying customers.

Online sales represent one of the strongest areas of growth in the global economy and your business deserves a seat at that table. With a professionally designed site from Tweak IT media customers will find it easier than ever to browse your entire line of products and make secure purchases with just a few simple clicks either from their desktops or while out and about with their smartphone. The future of retail is here now. Make sure you’re a part of it.