Facebook Marketing Cheshire & Manchester

Facebook marketing involves creating a Facebook page for your business and using it to attract new customers while staying in contact and building relationships with existing customers. As there are currently more than a billion Facebook users worldwide, ignoring this vast resource is done at your own peril.

You might be thinking Facebook is just for high school kids wanting to share photos. But keep in mind that corporate giants like Toyota (2.5 million likes) and the luxury brand Gucci (14.8 million likes) make regular use of Facebook to connect with consumers and that thousands of other companies large and small do the same.

How Does Facebook Marketing Work?

An effective Facebook marketing campaign directs all efforts toward taking advantage of what Facebook is best at: creating positive engagement. This is the fundamental principle on which we build your Facebook marketing campaign and as such...

Relevant content

We never create superfluous posts about things no one cares about. We sit down with you and determine exactly who is buying your product or service and why. Then we design posts to target that demographic in order to maximize engagement and return.

Specific content

We make sure every post plays to your brand’s strengths without laying it on too thick or seeming too self-possessed. The goal is engagement and relationship building after all, not chest thumping.

Strategy knowledge

Our strategists are always on top of changes to Facebook’s algorithm. They’re never taken by surprise and your company’s Facebook presence won’t suffer as a result.

An Insight from Tweak IT Media

Facebook marketing is a great tool for reinforcing your brand identity and spreading the word to a vast number of potential new customers. It’s also a good place to loosen the tie and showcase the lighter side of your company. The potential rewards are great and to ignore them in today’s business environment simply doesn’t make good business sense.