Google PPC Cheshire & Manchester

PPC is an acronym for pay per click, a form of Internet advertising where you’re not obligated to pay until someone clicks on your advert. Google is the undisputed leader in bid-based PPC advertising. The Google PPC program is called AdWords and it generates billions of pounds in revenue each year for the search giant, as well as hundreds of billions of pounds in business each year for companies that advertise using the program.

How Google PPC Works

With the Google AdWords PPC program advertisers bid against each other for the right to win prominent placement for their ads which are served in response to specific keyword searches. The bid process is totally automated and triggered by search queries.

Every time someone searches a particular keyword or keyword phrase Google automatically determines who has bid the most for that particular keyword and serves up the winning ad. Since more than 90% of all Internet activity starts with a search this type of advertising has the potential to reach many times more customers than flat-rate, fixed ads.

A lot goes into creating an effective Google PPC campaign. Trying to handle it on your own is inadvisable unless you have a lot of experience and many hours to dedicate to keyword research.

At the same time it’s crucial that your AdWords campaign be effectively designed and managed since Google will charge you less per click if they determine your ads are highly relevant and your landing pages useful and informative for consumers.

Take Advantage of Our 7-Day Trial

If you’re unsure whether a Google PPC campaign is right for your company you’ll want to take advantage of our no obligation, 7-day trial. We’ll set up an AdWords account for you, determine effective keywords to bid on and run the campaign for 7 days. We’ll then report back to you with the results which we’re quite certain will be a pleasant surprise. If at this time you still decide you’re not interested in what an AdWords campaign can do for you you’re free to walk away.

Driving traffic to your website is the goal of any PPC advertising campaign. But it’s not as simple as the old model of producing an advert and buying 30 seconds of TV time to air it. Devising and managing an effective Google PPC campaign is something that takes years of hard work to master. Don’t be fooled by quick fix artists who’ll promise the world and deliver naught but the bill at the end of the process. Tweak IT media has earned the trust of the UK business community by delivering well thought out, effective AdWords campaigns that generate maximum ROI and do so for less than you might imagine.