Local SEO Cheshire & Manchester

The Internet. Is it a digital ocean composed of a trillion, trillion bits of information onto which you launch your lonely corporate boat and hope for the best? Or is it the most powerful marketing tool ever devised, one that can catapult your business from local presence to local or global powerhouse?

Actually it’s both. Which one it becomes for your company however, depends on something called Search Engine Optimization or SEO. In a nutshell SEO is the strategic deployment of information relevant to your business to improve your website’s position in search results. The effectiveness of an SEO campaign will depend, in large part, on whether your SEO team appreciates the difference between global and local SEO.

Briefly; while certain clients will require global SEO tactics to maximize their exposure in a variety of markets, a global SEO campaign for a local or regional enterprise is little more than a waste of time, effort and money. If your business caters to a specific geographic clientele you want a way to target them, not people halfway around the world. This more focused approach is called local SEO.

Elements We Use to Construct a Successful Local SEO Campaign for Your Business

At Tweak IT Media we compile all aspects of your Internet presence into a finely tuned informational engine that we employ in the service of enhancing your company profile within your target demographic. No digital stone is left unturned, no relevant tool underutilized including:


A citation is any mention of any aspect of your business in cyberspace. We scour the digital landscape in search of these data nuggets no matter how mundane and then repurpose them to boost your position in local search rankings.

Link Building

Some SEO companies will substitute an aggressive spam campaign for a true SEO campaign. But any bump their network of false links may temporarily provide you will inevitably come crashing down once Google catches on. We help you create the kind of permanent, high quality links from reputable sites that will be of real benefit.


The very concept of link directories seems so 2005 that many believe that’s where it belongs. In the past. We believe, however, that relevant local link directories can still serve some useful purpose in your SEO campaign and employ them judiciously.


Today, any SEO campaign that ignores Yelp is incomplete at best. Don’t believe that? Try searching for a local product or service and see how many yelp-related results you get right at the top of the page. That’s because changes Google instituted to enhance the relevance of Google+ also wound up enhancing the relevance of review consolidators like Yelp. We never ignore such powerful tools, we put them to work for you.


Sharing relevant information about your product or service on Google+ is an invaluable tool when it comes to boosting your company’s web visibility. The Google+ Local page we build for you as part of your campaign contains optimized images, keyword-rich descriptions of your product or service, your hours of operation, relevant YouTube videos and more including...


With local search results now slanted toward review consolidators like Yelp and Google+ the maps on your Google+ page take on new relevance. The local SEO campaign we create on your behalf heeds these changes and leverages them to maximum effect.

The SEO campaign we create for you takes everything that your company is and turns it into everything it could be to potential customers. We insist on your company’s primary relevance and utilize all legitimate practices to drive conversions through your online storefront. Whether it’s via the methods outlined above or other techniques including onpage and offpage optimization of your website through meta tags, keyword placement and link popularity we turn your information into doorways to conversion.

If you are a small to medium sized business seeking to boost your online presence to target a specific geographic area you’ll want to talk to Tweak IT media about creating an effective local SEO campaign. By staying focused on reaching your target audience we optimize your ROI and provide you with a strategic advantage over the competition. Don’t toss your money down the drain with a poorly executed SEO campaign or one that's not aligned with your company's goals, contact Tweak IT media today and discover the difference a properly engineered SEO campaign can have on your bottom line.