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T & A Textiles are friendly, open and welcoming

T & A Textiles Review

T & A Textiles takes care to treat every member of staff like family and welcomes each new member of staff as an old friend. We all spend a significant portion of our lives at work which is why it is so important to do something you love and do it alongside like-minded people who respect and care for you and your opinions.

The team at T & A Textiles are friendly, open and welcoming and offer a great employment package for anyone lucky enough to gain employment at this inclusive company.

With their heavy focus on customer satisfaction, the management carry this ethos of making people happy over to their employees as well and with regular appraisals, catch ups and job chats, as well as organised team building activities, take care to ensure their employee satisfaction is as high as possible.

T & A Textiles invests in their existing staff, with ongoing training provided to ensure the staff receives all the support they need to do their job effectively and efficiently, with customer focus at the forefront of all they do. We allow plenty of opportunity for advancement, so those ambitious to advance in their career have the chance to shine.

No one wants to dread going to work in the morning, and at T & A Textiles, this feeling is one many of our employees remember only from careers long past. Many of our employees have stayed with us for years, citing high job satisfaction, friendly co-workers and career development opportunities as primary reasons for their remaining with the company. We will always do our best to promote the happiness and welfare of our customers and staff.

T & A Textiles place great importance on their great quality products, satisfied customers, happy staff and honest, straightforward business dealings.